Yess! AhHa! Now! mangoes finally in supermarkets after decades of development

October 13, 2023 | ABC News |

After around 25 years of development through the National Mango Breeding Program, three new mango varieties, named Yess!, AhaHa!, and Now!, are finally making their commercial debut in Australian supermarkets, thanks to Manbulloo Mangoes. These mangoes, known for their great taste, appearance, and strong aroma, have been eagerly anticipated in the industry. Growers who had faith in these varieties through years of challenges are now excited to see their commercial rollout. While mango yields are down in most areas of Australia this year, these new varieties are proving to be more consistent in crop production. Manbulloo plans to send samples to export markets and grow with demand in Australia and globally. These mangoes are grown in various regions across northern Australia.