State's mango heritage secures haven in Chinchinim gene bank

October 14, 2023 | The Times of India European Commission |

A cutting-edge germplasm bank is set to officially open on October 16 at the Goa government's agriculture farm in Chinchinim, Goa, to preserve the state's mango heritage. Currently housing 32 distinct mango cultivars from Goa, the gene bank aims to safeguard these unique varieties, such as Malcorada, Xavier, Cardozo, and Hilario, which have not been widely commercialized. This initiative is crucial for preserving Goa's agricultural legacy. It is the second gene bank in Goa, complementing the one established by the ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute in North Goa, ensuring comprehensive protection of mango genetic resources in both districts. The gene bank also contains various other Indian mango varieties and hybrids from neighboring states. Horticulturists, researchers, and mango enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the official inauguration, which will ensure Goa's mango diversity endures for future generations.