Physicochemical Characterization and Immunomodulatory Potential of Polysaccharides from Hylocereus undatus (Dragon Fruit) Flowers

November 1, 2023 | International Journal of Biological Macromolecules |

Researchers from the South China University of Technology conducted a study to unravel the therapeutic potential of polysaccharides extracted from Hylocereus undatus (Dragon Fruit) flowers. While recognized for their nutritional value, these flowers have not been extensively studied for their polysaccharide content. The study's primary goals were to purify, analyze the structural properties, and assess the antioxidative and immunoregulatory activities of these flower-derived polysaccharides, collectively termed FHRP.

Using water extraction and chromatogram purification techniques, the research yielded three distinct polysaccharide fractions: FHRP-1, FHRP-2, and FHRP-3. The results are promising, with all three fractions significantly enhancing antioxidant enzyme activities (SOD and CAT) and reducing oxidative damage (MDA) under H2O2-induced stress. Additionally, these fractions exhibited immunoregulatory effects by boosting immune cell activity and the production of key immune molecules. FHRP-3, in particular, stood out for its exceptional antioxidative and immunoregulatory characteristics.

This study sheds light on the structural composition and potential health benefits of Dragon Fruit flower polysaccharides, paving the way for future health advancements. Read more