From waste to wealth: a review on valorisation of durian waste as functional food ingredient

August 29, 2023 |Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization | 

Conducted by UCSI University, Malaysia, this study delves into transforming durian waste into functional food ingredients, addressing the environmental concerns associated with its disposal. As an exotic tropical fruit with a rising market demand, durian's physicochemical and functional properties are explored, emphasizing nutritional aspects like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The review underscores the underutilized nutraceutical potential of durian, shedding light on the discarded by-products, including seeds and peels. The slow decomposition and burning of these by-products pose environmental threats, prompting a comprehensive exploration of extracting durian seeds for applications such as coloring agents, starch, and flour. Additionally, the study investigates the potential uses of durian rind, offering insights into the promising prospects of repurposing durian and its by-products. Read more