Valorization of Mexican rambutan peel through the recovery of ellagic acid via solid-state fermentation using a yeast

August 1, 2023 | Fermentation|

Conducted by the Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico, this study focuses on the valorization of Mexican Rambutan peel, rich in ellagitannins, specifically ellagic acid, known for its significant biological activity. Leveraging solid-state fermentation (SSF) with a yeast strain, the research aims to obtain, identify, and quantify ellagic acid. The study determines optimal conditions—30°C, 60% moisture, and 1.5 × 107 cells/g of S. cerevisiae—yielding a maximum ellagic acid accumulation of 458 ± 44.6 mg/g within 48 hours. High-performance liquid chromatography reveals ellagic acid, geraniin, and corilagin as predominant compounds. The research showcases Mexican Rambutan peel as a promising SSF substrate, providing insights into efficient ellagic acid recovery and the potential biodegradation of related compounds during the process. Read more