The use of cold pressing technique associated with emerging nonthermal technologies in the preservation of bioactive compounds in tropical fruit juices: An overview

March 4, 2023 | Current Opinion in Food Science |

Conducted by the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, this study explores the synergy between cold pressing and emerging nonthermal technologies for preserving bioactive compounds in tropical fruit juices. Cold pressing, a widely adopted method for premium juice production, maintains the original nutritional and sensory components by avoiding heat addition. Recognizing tropical fruits as excellent matrices for bioactive-rich juices, the research emphasizes the necessity of nonthermal processes to prevent the reduction or inactivation of these compounds at high temperatures. Recent findings suggest that incorporating emerging nonthermal technologies before or during cold pressing enhances juice yield and improves functional properties, facilitating greater release of secondary compounds. This study contributes to expanding knowledge on alternative methods for producing premium tropical juices, with the potential for scalable industrial applications. Read more