Recent advances in postharvest storage and preservation technology of pitaya (dragon fruit)

October 09, 2023 | The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology |

Conducted by Guizhou University, China, this study explores the multifaceted challenges facing postharvest pitaya fruit, balancing its highly edible, medicinal, and economic value. Pitaya, often consumed as fresh fruit, confronts issues like mechanical damage, microbial infections, and rapid deterioration, hampering its shelf life. This comprehensive review examines internal and external factors influencing postharvest quality decline and surveys existing preservation technologies. Ranging from physical and chemical approaches to those leveraging natural substances, the study details methods for extending pitaya's postharvest shelf life. Emphasizing the need for holistic strategies, including disease and pest control, the review advocates for the combined application of diverse technologies to enhance pitaya preservation. This study serves as a valuable resource for researchers and stakeholders aiming to optimize postharvest quality and storage duration for this economically significant fruit. Read more