Key tropical crops at risk from pollinator loss due to climate change and land use

October 12, 2023 | Science Advances |

Conducted by the Natural History Museum, UK, this study delves into the intricate interplay of climate change and land use on insect pollinator biodiversity, a critical factor in crop pollination. Analyzing data from 2,673 sites and 3,080 insect pollinator species, the research reveals a significant decline in pollinator abundance and richness due to the combined impact of agriculture and climate change. Notably, the tropics emerge as the hotspot for potential risks to crop production, with sub-Saharan Africa, northern South America, and Southeast Asia facing the highest and most rapidly increasing localized risks. This comprehensive assessment underscores the urgent need for strategic interventions to safeguard pollinator populations and, consequently, ensure global food security in the face of environmental challenges. Read more