Bio-based solutions for reducing loss and waste of fresh fruits and vegetables: an industry perspective

August 03, 2023 | Current Opinion in Biotechnology |

Conducted by the International Fresh Produce Association, USA, this study provides a comprehensive industry perspective on combatting fresh produce loss and waste through an integrated systems approach. Addressing supply chain intricacies, logistical challenges, and cold chain dynamics, the research advocates for a synergy of plant breeding, biotechnological innovations, biochemical strategies, and bioinspired solutions. Notably, advancements like genetically modified non-browning apples and potatoes, alongside upcoming bioengineered pineapples, tomatoes, and gene-edited leafy greens, promise novel taste and enhanced nutritional profiles. With a keen eye on consumer acceptance, the study emphasizes the importance of aligning these bio-based solutions with broader supply chain considerations to ensure effective implementation and a positive impact on reducing fresh produce waste. Read more