Durian season smelling great as Australia's largest farm gives Perth a whiff

November 14, 2023 | ABC News

Australia's largest durian farm, located near Darwin, is set to produce around 20 tonnes of fruit this season, a significant increase from the 5 tonnes produced the previous year. Despite the durian's reputation as the "king of fruits" in Asia, its pungent smell is not universally liked. Grower Han Shiong Siah notes that a strong durian smell from the farm's front gate is a positive sign of readiness. The Siah family, with over 30 years of durian cultivation experience, has seen increased interest from durian enthusiasts worldwide, thanks in part to social media. This year, the farm sent durians to Perth for the first time, and sales have been strong in the Western Australian market, with a record consignment of 800 kilograms sold in just three days.