Preserving Bali’s 2023 Mangosteen Harvest

October 28, 2023 | Bali Discovery |

Bali's ongoing drought and high temperatures are affecting the export of the island's prized mangosteen crop. The dry weather is blamed for blemished and disfigured outer skins on the current crop, impacting the fruit's appearance. Despite concerns about aesthetics, efforts are being made to maintain strong demand, with marketing initiatives targeting export sales to mainland China. The Bali Mangosteen Association (AMB) is working to prevent a drop in prices due to a large crop. The chairman, Jro Putu Tesan, emphasizes the need for irrigation and water spraying to support the quality and quantity of mangosteens. There are concerns that El Nino weather conditions and water shortages may affect the overall quality and quantity of mangosteens available for export.