Chemometric discrimination of Hylocereus undulatus from different geographical origins via their metabolic profiling and antidiabetic activity

October 22, 2023 | Food Chemistry | 

Conducted by Cairo University, this study explores the diverse bioactive compounds in dragon fruit peel and pulp from Egypt, Germany, the Philippines, and China. Leveraging LC-QTOF-MS and statistical tools, the research unveils regional variations, particularly noting distinct compositions in Chinese and Egyptian samples attributed to betalains. The study delves into the anti-glycation effects of extracts using advanced assays, assessing α-glucosidase inhibition and inhibitory activity against glycation end products. Significantly, the research identifies key compounds, including betanin and γ-aminobutyric acid, correlating strongly with anti-glycation properties. This comprehensive analysis sheds light on the nuanced antioxidant and antiglycation capacities, offering valuable insights into the health-promoting potential of dragon fruit components.

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