Fruit flies: Challenges and opportunities to stem the tide of global invasions

September 27, 2023 | Annual Review of Entomology |

The University of Thessaly, Greece, conducted a study addressing the global challenges posed by fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) invasions, emphasizing the intersections of global trade, human mobility, and climate change. Fruit fly invasions are fueled by life-history traits, environmental stress response, dispersal stress, and genetic admixtures. Tephritids are frequently intercepted at ports, prompting significant biosecurity efforts in some countries under rules-based trade frameworks. However, despite these efforts, fruit flies persistently infiltrate new regions, triggering costly eradication responses. The study sheds light on the insufficient attention given to biosecurity in recent discussions on multilateral trade agreements. The existing literature predominantly focuses on a few charismatic species, leaving many invasion patterns in the realm of speculation. The findings underscore the need for a comprehensive and globally collaborative approach to address the challenges posed by fruit fly invasions in the context of evolving trade, mobility, and climate scenarios.

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