Malda: 'Untimely rain likely to boost mango yield in 2024'

December 11, 2023 | Millennium Post |

Untimely rains in Malda, influenced by Cyclone Michaung, are viewed as a blessing for mango production in 2024. While the rain adversely affected vegetable and rice crops, mango trees have benefited. The early winter rain has refreshed the trees, cleaning them of dust and insects, making them healthier. This has increased the likelihood of abundant budding in mango orchards. Last year, Malda district saw a record mango yield, and experts anticipate a similar outcome in the upcoming season. Mango is a crucial economic crop in Malda, with approximately 31,700 hectares of land dedicated to its cultivation. The rain is seen as rejuvenating for the mango trees, potentially leading to increased production.

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