Dragon fruit prices surge amidst dwindling supplies

November 23, 2023 | VnExpress |

As the dragon fruit season concludes in Vietnam, prices rise amid a 50% reduction in production. In southern Long An Province, merchants are purchasing type 1 to 3 red-fleshed dragon fruits at VND33,000-43,000 (US$1.32-1.72) per kilogram. However, many farmers have scaled back production due to sustained losses, impacting overall supply. After the pandemic led to plummeting dragon fruit exports, some orchards switched to alternative crops as farmers struggled with input costs. Despite the higher prices, cautious farming practices and reduced cultivation have led to an insufficient supply of high-quality dragon fruit in the market. Long An, which previously had 12,000 hectares of dragon fruit, now has around 9,000 hectares, while Tien Giang Province reduced its dragon fruit cultivation area from 10,000 to 8,900 hectares.

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