How environmental conditions, phenological periods, and production endowment affect lychee yield

March 22, 2023 | Agronomy Journal |

Conducted by South China Agricultural University and Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, this study delves into the intricate dynamics of lychee yield, a vital tropical fruit facing escalating challenges due to climate change. Lychee, recognized for its climate sensitivity, holds considerable importance in South China's health, economy, and culture. Employing an extended Cobb–Douglas model, the research meticulously dissects the influence of environmental conditions, phenological periods, and production endowments on lychee yield. With a focus on four phenological stages—exposure, heading, flowering, and maturing—the study utilizes a two-way fixed effect model for county-level mixed-frequency panel data. Key findings include the positive impact of higher minimum temperatures on lychee yield, particularly in the earlier phenological phases. Additionally, the research unveils the nuanced effects of technical input growth on lychee yield, presenting valuable insights for the 39 main lychee-producing counties in China. This study not only enriches our understanding of climate-induced challenges in tropical fruit production but also provides actionable information for sustainable agricultural practices in the face of climate change.

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