Thailand's off-season durian price surges in Vietnam

December 24, 2023 | VnExpress | 

As Vietnam's domestic durian supply dwindles towards the end of the season, traders are turning to imports of off-season durians from Thailand, such as Kadum. Each day, fruit stores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City import about 300-500 kg of Kadum durian, which typically sells out in 2-4 days. Priced between VND250,000-330,000 per kg, Kadum durians command a 50% premium over Vietnamese durians. The off-season durians from Thailand are praised for their attractive appearance, soft and sweet taste, and quick melting texture. Traders note that people who appreciate Thai durians are willing to pay a premium for this limited variety. The scarcity and high demand for Kadum durians have led to a 15% increase in prices compared to the previous year. Additionally, increased purchases of durians by China, combined with higher shipping costs, contribute to price fluctuations for imported durians in Vietnam.

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