Davao Region optimistic about exporting frozen durian next year

December 19, 2023 | Philippine News Agency | 

The Department of Agriculture in Davao Region (DA-11) is optimistic about exporting quality frozen durian to China next year after successfully opening the market for fresh durian. Abel James Monteagudo, the DA-11 regional director, considers this move a "breakthrough" for local durian. The China market has expressed interest in an unlimited supply of frozen durian, specifically the Puyat variety. The DA-11 shipped 18 metric tons of durian to China in April this year, featuring varieties like Puyat, D-101, Cob, and Duyaya. Puyat durian is known for its large size, yellow-orange coloration, thick stem, and bitter-sweet flesh. Monteagudo emphasized the need to improve production and explore expansion opportunities to meet the high demand for Davao durian in China. The potential approval of the agreement for frozen durian exports could further enhance market opportunities and benefit local producers.

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