“Lack of infrastructure,” he said. Rahul Gandhi has never eaten a Meghalayan pineapple, making a strange claim

January 23, 2024 | Pi News |

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent Indian politician, recently drew attention by claiming he had never tasted Meghalaya pineapples while eating one in the region. His comments suggested a lack of infrastructure hindering the world from enjoying these pineapples. However, Meghalaya pineapples are popular abroad, especially in Gulf countries. These pineapples are exported to places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Kuwait, and are sold in malls. Meghalaya, accounting for over 8% of India's pineapple production, is a significant player in the country's agricultural landscape. The state government has initiated programs to enhance farmers' lives and double their income, emphasizing pineapple cultivation. Additionally, training sessions for farmers on harvesting and packaging pineapples are underway. Meghalaya pineapples are known for their unique qualities, including less pesticide residue, making them stand out in the market. Despite political statements, the reality is that Meghalaya pineapples are well-received globally, and efforts are being made to boost their cultivation and distribution.

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