Gardeners at Khao Saming grow golden rambutans and make good profit

January 05, 2024 | Thaiger |

Gardeners in Khao Saming District, Trat province, Thailand, have successfully grown golden rambutans for two years, yielding profitable annual incomes. The rambutans, with a distinctive golden color, are priced at 100 baht per kilogram for the first lot and 60 baht per kilogram for the second lot. The gardeners, located in Thung Nonsi Subdistrict, converted a rubber plantation into a golden rambutan plantation covering an area of 8 rai (12,800 square meters) after the rubber market prices declined. The cultivation, which started two years ago with over a hundred rambutan trees mixed with durian, is now entering its third harvest season. The success of growing rambutans out of season and achieving a good market price is attributed to the gardener's experimentation and learning through trial and error. The golden rambutans are set to be harvested and sold in the coming days, marking another successful venture for the local farmers.

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