PHL remains 2nd largest pineapple exporter–FAO

January 17, 2024 | Business Mirror |

Johor, Malaysia, plans to introduce the MS16 hybrid pineapple to the market in 2025, following a decade of research. The cultivation of this new variety will begin in 2023, aligning with the state government's efforts to boost pineapple cultivation. The state aims to export the MS16 pineapples, including to China. Last year, Johor produced 402,000 metric tonnes of pineapples across 11,399 hectares, with an export value of RM1.2 billion. The MS16 pineapple is a crossbreed between Josapine and thornless varieties from Australia, known for high yield and quality, offering an alternative for growers and enthusiasts. Johor is Malaysia's primary pineapple producer, contributing 66%.

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