Why Connoisseurs And Home Brewers Are Fascinated With Durian Wine

January 12, 2024 | The Daily Meal |

Winemakers are increasingly turning to durian, the famously pungent fruit, to create unique and intriguing wines. While durian's smell is often likened to rotten meat or sulfur, fermenting the fruit into wine diminishes the infamous odor. Despite its divisive aroma, durian offers complex flavors described as sweet, creamy, custardy, and ranging from mango to cheesecake. The fruit's scarcity outside Southeast Asia makes it a unique choice for winemakers exploring new taste profiles. Durian wine involves the typical winemaking process, with added ingredients like lime or vanilla to enhance flavors. Interestingly, the fermentation process significantly reduces the strong smell associated with fresh durians. For winemakers, the challenge lies in convincing those put off by durian's reputation to try the wine version, emphasizing the distinct transformation in taste and aroma during fermentation. Durian wine presents an opportunity for adventurous palates to experience the fruit in a different and potentially more palatable form.

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