Industry players pledge to bring durian to new heights

February 27, 2024 | The Star |

The Durian Manufacturers Association (DMA) in Malaysia, celebrating its first anniversary, aims to elevate the Malaysian durian industry globally. With 11 members holding a 75% local market share, DMA seeks to promote fair trade practices and ensure high-quality produce. President Eric Chan emphasizes nurturing the durian sector for national advancement, focusing on knowledge empowerment, sustainability, and environmental advocacy. The association plans to champion Malaysian durians' global recognition through fair trade, innovation, and expanding export markets. Chan highlights the signing of an MOU for the Kuala Lumpur-Zhengzhou Durian Exclusive Chartered Air Cargo Route, aiming to enhance trade between Malaysia and China. Deputy Minister Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup commends DMA's efforts, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and quality standards to boost Malaysia's position as a leading durian exporter, with exports projected to reach 505,853 metric tonnes by 2025, reflecting rising global demand and Malaysia's growing significance in the durian market.

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