Sustainable shifts: The pineapple market's balancing act and innovative ventures in Costa Rica

February 22, 2024 | BNN Breaking |

The article delves into the pineapple market's intricate dynamics, highlighting sustainability, innovation, and economic factors. Mario de Goede from Dutoit Europe notes a rare equilibrium in the market, particularly with smaller pineapples from Costa Rica facing less competition and stable pricing, despite reduced capacity to sell volumes. Albert Heijn's introduction of crownless pineapples is seen as a step towards sustainability and efficiency, reducing air freight needs and potential rejection based on crown-related issues. Although demand remains modest, Mario remains open to embracing this trend if interest grows.

Meanwhile, PiñaFibre's initiative in Germany aims to repurpose pineapple waste into sustainable fibers for the apparel industry, offering an additional income stream for farmers and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fibers like hemp. The article portrays the pineapple market as adaptable and forward-thinking, showcasing its resilience amidst challenges and its potential to lead the way in sustainability and innovation. From cultivation to consumption and even in fashion, pineapples represent a broader narrative of eco-consciousness and change in agriculture.

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