Avocado exports: The green gold for Kenya

February 27, 2024 | Business Daily |

Kenya's avocado industry is burgeoning, contributing significantly to the economy and export market. Avocado accounted for 17% of total horticultural exports last year, positioning Kenya as a leading global producer. Small-scale farmers are increasingly benefiting from the industry, emphasizing the need for their inclusion and support. Despite challenges like export restrictions and immature fruit concerns, the sector's growth potential is evident. Training small-scale farmers in best practices is crucial for sustainability. Collaboration among stakeholders is essential to ensure quality, market access, and technological advancement. Avocado's nutritional value and by-products offer additional economic opportunities. To capitalize on global demand, Kenya must prioritize quality standards, inclusive policies, and sustainable practices. Cooperation between government and private sectors is vital for the industry's success and continued growth. Overall, Kenya's avocado industry holds promise for economic revitalization and food security, provided challenges are addressed and strategic measures implemented.

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