It’s dragon fruits galore at Sepang’s Eco Farm

February 07, 2024 | Business Mirror |

HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm, located in Sepang, Malaysia, boasts being Asia's third-largest dragon fruit farm and a burgeoning agrotourism destination. Founded in 2011, it offers a picturesque landscape with rows of dragon fruit trees, including four varieties: Red Ruby, Yellow King, Honey White, and Pink Ruby. Red Ruby, known for its sweet red flesh, is the most common. The farm's unique dragon fruit-shaped building, recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records and Guinness World Records, houses a museum detailing the district's agricultural history. Visitors can enjoy halal dishes infused with dragon fruit at the on-site restaurant, such as Dragon Nasi Lemak and Dragon Fruit Chips. The farm's attractions include guided tours, dragon fruit tasting, and panoramic views from the landmark's top level. With its year-round fruiting season and diverse offerings, HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm promises an immersive experience for both enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

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