With 400 dragon fruit plants, farmer hopes to make a killing

February 25, 2024 | The Tribune India |

Sunil Chandel, a farmer in Bilaspur, shifts to dragon fruit farming amidst challenges like irrigation issues and wildlife damage to conventional crops. With a three-kanal dragon fruit farm, he plans to expand to 12 kanals due to its profitability and low irrigation needs. Dragon fruit, priced at Rs 100 to Rs 150 per kg, promises high returns, with Chandel expecting to earn around Rs 2 lakh annually from 15 quintals of fruit. He invested Rs 50,000 in labor and manure, with maintenance costs not exceeding Rs 1,500 yearly. Additionally, he highlights the potential for plant propagation, offering a secondary income stream. Despite lacking government support, Chandel believes dragon fruit farming could boost the local economy and utilize barren land effectively. As his farm's plants mature and start budding, Chandel remains optimistic about the venture's success and its potential to transform agriculture in the area.

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