Thai red pomelo outsells Vietnamese rivals

January 28, 2024 | VnExpress |

As Tet (the Lunar New Year) approaches in Vietnam, consumers like Hoang Anh and Hanh are opting for Siam ruby pomelo imported from Thailand due to its sweeter taste and superior appearance compared to the Vietnamese variety. Anh plans to purchase the Thai fruit despite its higher price of VND200,000 for a two-kilogram fruit, while Hanh highlights the importance of both taste and appearance for Tet offerings. Kieu Chung, a seller, notes the increased demand for Siam ruby pomelos this Tet, with prices at VND200,000 per kilogram. Vietnamese pomelos, although cheaper at VND60,000-70,000 per kilogram, lack the glossy green skin and vibrant red flesh of their Thai counterparts. This preference for Thai pomelos reflects consumers' desire for quality and aesthetics during the festive season.

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