Digitalization finds fertile soil in the eco-friendly dragon fruit farms of Binh Thuan

January 28, 2024 | United Nations Development Programme Viet Nam |

Nguyen Hoang Thu Huong, deputy director of the Hoa Le Dragon Fruit Cooperative, showcases dragon fruit products through engaging livestreams, embracing online commerce's potential. With support from UNDP Viet Nam and the Binh Thuan Agricultural Extension Office, they modernize farming practices, focusing on sustainability. Training in digital literacy and green agriculture techniques enables farmers to adapt to global standards and reach GLOBALG.A.P. certification. They implement an electronic traceability system, allowing consumers to track each dragon fruit's origin and carbon footprint.

Additionally, the cooperative innovates by utilizing rejected fruits, developing a diverse product line including dried snacks, tea, candy, and essential oils. Huong leverages her marketing skills to expand their online presence, increasing profits by 20-30% in three years. Despite challenges in visibility and data management, Huong remains confident in their path forward, emphasizing the importance of following clean processes. Their efforts align with the global trend towards green products, supported by the "Accelerating Private Sector Engagement in Climate-Resilient and Low-Emission Investment Opportunities in the agricultural sector in Viet Nam’s NDC" project.

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