Applicability of a closed and rapid gas-exchange system to leaf photosynthetic measurements in tropical fruit trees

January 01, 2024 | Environmental Control in Biology |

Conducted by the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, this study focuses on assessing a new, low-cost closed system for measuring leaf photosynthesis in tropical fruit trees. Leaf photosynthesis serves as a vital indicator for gauging growth and resilience to environmental stresses in these trees, yet traditional measurement methods are often expensive.

To evaluate the efficacy of the closed system, photosynthetic rates were measured in 16 species, each comprising two genotypes, simultaneously using both closed and open systems. The accuracy of the closed system was assessed through regression analysis against values obtained from a standard open system.

Overall, significant and strong positive correlations were found between measurements from the closed and open systems, albeit with some overestimation observed in the closed system. Accuracy varied among species and measurement periods, with some species demonstrating inferior accuracy, particularly at lower rates.

However, for several species, the closed system provided accurate and rapid measurements, with accuracy categorized as "Good" or "Excellent." These findings suggest that the closed rapid gas-exchange system offers a viable and efficient means of measuring leaf photosynthesis in tropical fruit trees, with potential applications in research and agricultural practices.

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