Factors Affecting Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Standard by Durian Farmers in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand

June 24, 2022 | International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development |

Conducted by Kasetsart University, Thailand, this study delves into the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards among durian farmers in Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi province. Through a comprehensive survey of 354 durian farmers, demographic, economic, and cultivation technique factors were assessed to evaluate the adoption of GAP.

The findings revealed a high level of adherence to GAP components among durian farmers, indicating a significant commitment to implementing best practices in durian cultivation. Demographic and economic factors such as age, marital status, group membership, and the area of durian planted were identified as influential in the application of GAP practices.

Moreover, critical cultivation factors including cultivation planning, planting area selection, cultivation methods, shading, post-planting activities, and pest management emerged as key determinants in the adoption of GAP standards. The study underscores the importance of GAP in enhancing durian cultivation techniques and planning, ensuring the production of high-quality durian products for sustainable agricultural markets in Thailand.

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