Essential oils and plant extracts for tropical fruits protection: From farm to table

September 29, 2022 | Frontiers in Plant Science |

Conducted by Universiti Putra Malaysia, this study addresses the challenges in disease management faced by the tropical fruit industry in Malaysia, a vital sector of the country's agriculture. Tropical fruits, abundant in Malaysia, are susceptible to pathogenic infections due to their high sugar and water content, impacting both local consumption and export quality.

In response to concerns over the safety and environmental impact of chemical pesticides traditionally used to manage fruit diseases, the study explores the potential of natural products, specifically essential oils and plant extracts, as organic alternatives. These extracts have historical significance in traditional medicine and are known to possess antimicrobial properties.

Through a comprehensive review of current research, the study highlights the efficacy of essential oils and plant extracts in preventing fungal and bacterial infections in tropical fruits. Furthermore, it discusses their potential applications at both pre and postharvest stages, including the formulation of edible coatings and juice preservatives. These findings suggest a promising avenue for the development of commercially viable, environmentally friendly biopesticides in the tropical fruit industry.

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