Unveiling the exotic fascination of tropical fruits: The role of food values on consumer behavior towards mangoes

January 06, 2024 | Journal of Agriculture and Food Research |

Conducted by the University of Catania, Italy, this study delves into the consumption preferences of mango among Italian consumers, a topic with limited research despite mango's global popularity. The study aims to identify factors influencing mango consumption in Italy, considering food values, knowledge levels, and socio-demographic characteristics. Through an online survey involving 487 Italian participants, data were analyzed using an ordered probit model.

The results indicate that Italian consumers with a higher concern for the naturalness of products are more inclined to consume mango. Additionally, both subjective and objective knowledge about mango positively impact consumption probability. Socio-demographic factors such as gender and engagement in sports activities also play a significant role in mango consumption patterns.

The findings of this study shed light on the determinants of mango consumption in Italy and offer practical implications for stakeholders in the fruit industry and policymakers aiming to promote mango consumption in the Italian market.

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