A comprehensive dragon fruit image dataset for detecting the maturity and quality grading of dragon fruit

December 15, 2023 | Data in Brief |

Conducted by Daffodil International University, Bangladesh, this study delves into the cultivation and potential applications of dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, a tropical fruit with diverse varieties. Recognized for its unique appearance and numerous health benefits, including its rich nutrient and antioxidant content, dragon fruit holds economic promise for countries like Bangladesh.

The study emphasizes the necessity of an automated system to optimize harvest timing and distinguish between fresh and defective fruits, ensuring quality in the global market. To address this need, the researchers compiled a comprehensive dataset comprising high-resolution images of dragon fruits. This dataset, meticulously collected over four months from three distinct locations in Bangladesh, serves as a valuable resource for machine learning models aimed at fruit quality assessment, robotic harvesting, and packaging systems.

The potential applications of this dataset extend to enhancing dragon fruit production efficiency through the utilization of computer vision and deep learning techniques in agriculture. By providing researchers with a solid foundation for exploration, the dataset contributes to advancements in dragon fruit cultivation and related technologies.

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