Durian (Durio zibenthinus) waste: a promising resource for food and diverse applications—a comprehensive review

February 26, 2024 | Food Production, Processing and Nutrition |

Conducted by Caraga State University, Philippines, and College Batong Malake, Philippines, this review article delves into the multifaceted potential of durian waste for both food and non-food applications. Durian waste emerges as a valuable source of compounds such as pectin, phenolic antioxidants, husk, and seed flour, offering significant promise in the food industry. Furthermore, it serves as a sustainable material for the development of edible and bio-composite films, facilitating eco-friendly food packaging solutions.

Beyond its applications in food, durian waste holds relevance in non-food sectors, particularly in the extraction and utilization of unique biomaterials like nanocellulose particles. These nanocellulose-based materials boast diverse applications, including within the food industry. The review discusses various utilization methods and techniques, highlighting the nutritional value and potential for valorization inherent in durian waste. Ultimately, the study underscores the importance of recognizing and harnessing the untapped potential of durian waste, advocating for its utilization in the creation of value-added products rather than its disposal.

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