Tencent tech to help verify Thai durians, launch commerce platform

March 27, 2024 | The Nation Thailand |

A Thai trade representative met with Tencent executives in Hong Kong to discuss using Tencent's technology to authenticate Thai durians and develop an e-commerce platform. SEBFT, a major Chinese durian importer, has signed a contract to purchase 3,000 containers of durians from Thailand for 10 billion baht. Each durian will have an invisible QR code embedded in its stem for authentication. Tencent will provide a blockchain system for this purpose, ensuring buyers receive high-quality Thai fruits. Additionally, the Commerce Ministry seeks Tencent's help to create an online platform for Thai vendors to sell products to Chinese buyers directly. This platform, currently in trial, aims to enhance convenience and accessibility for Thai vendors, with plans to launch in about 45 days. Tencent's renowned messaging app WeChat underscores its influence, providing Chinese users with a multifunctional platform akin to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Paypal combined.

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