Transforming Suriname’s pineapple industry: UN-led initiative targets sustainable growth

JJanuary 15, 2024 | FAO|

FAO and UNIDO have collaborated to support Suriname's pineapple sector, focusing on organic production in indigenous communities. The project aims to transform Suriname into an established exporter of high-quality organic pineapples, enhancing productivity and market access. Through climate-resilient practices and farmer training, the initiative promotes sustainable agriculture and supports marginalized groups, including indigenous women and youth. A recent field mission highlighted advancements in pineapple cultivation, showcasing improved varieties and processing facilities. Engagement with local cooperatives emphasizes community involvement and economic empowerment. The project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 12, by promoting responsible consumption and production practices. Overall, the initiative aims to enhance Suriname's agricultural resilience and foster equitable development.

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