Farmers reap sweet gains from lychee biz

April 11, 2024 | chinadaily |

He Jinming, a long-time lychee grower in Guangdong, expands his orchard by acquiring more land, encouraged by advancements in technology and land transfer convenience. With meticulous management techniques and on-site freezing stations to preserve fruit quality, he anticipates improved harvests. He plans to share this technology with neighboring farmers. Meanwhile, Lin Changzhen, another grower, leverages e-commerce and livestreaming to sell fresh and processed lychee, attracting younger villagers back to agricultural entrepreneurship. The local government supports lychee cultivation with research, infrastructure, and marketing initiatives, aiming to enhance varieties, optimize production, and ensure profitability. These efforts contribute to Maoming's status as a major lychee producer, with innovations like smart orchards and customizing sales strategies driving growth and record revenue.

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