China’s durian output to quadruple in 2024, processing poised to permeate with demand ‘on a rapid rise’

April 24, 2024 | South China Morning Post |

China anticipates a fourfold increase in domestic durian production this year, aiming to meet soaring demand. Despite facing challenges like typhoons and limited arable land, Chinese growers in Hainan are gearing up to supply the pungent fruit. With prices ranging from 70 to 200 yuan per fruit, durian has become a lucrative commodity, prompting innovations like durian-based cakes and bubble tea. Thailand and Vietnam, major suppliers to China, are adjusting to increasing competition. Thailand plans to enhance durian export standards, while Vietnam focuses on expanding its market share. Durian's popularity contributes significantly to Thai-Chinese trade relations and economic ties. Amid climate concerns and rising demand, the durian industry continues to evolve, with China poised to play a more prominent role in both production and consumption.

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