Pineapple, mango imports surge to record highs in March

April 16, 2024 | The Korea Herald |

South Korea experienced record-high imports of pineapples and mangoes in March, driven by government efforts to address soaring domestic apple prices. Pineapple imports reached 8,686 tons worth $8.68 million, up 44.7%, while mango imports doubled to 6,264 tons valued at $24.74 million. Increased imports of bananas and oranges were also noted. The influx of fruit led to price decreases, with pineapples dropping by 9.9% from March. The government's initiative aimed to counterbalance high apple and pear prices, which remain elevated despite a 19% decrease in apple prices from March. Pears, however, saw a 10% increase in price. Despite these fluctuations, pear prices have risen steadily by over 73% compared to last year.

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