Coastal farmers urged to step-up coconut production

April 22, 2024 | Kenya News Agency|

Agricultural experts and stakeholders in Kenya's coastal region advocate for prioritizing coconut production, emphasizing its potential to boost both local and national economies. At the National Coconut Week conference in Kilifi, concerns were raised about the underdevelopment of the coconut industry despite its economic significance. Dr. Finyange Pole highlighted the success of coconut-based economies in Asian countries like Vietnam and stressed the need for Kenya to capitalize on this potential. Challenges such as poor seed quality and limited coconut varieties hinder production. Rashid Khator of the Crop Production Department outlined plans to increase coconut planting to alleviate poverty among farmers, urging them to utilize the rainy season for planting. Baha Nguma, an agricultural consultant, urged government investment in coconut farming, proposing the distribution of one million coconut seedlings annually to maximize benefits and drive economic growth.

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