Pineapple demand surges; Prices hit record high due to poll campaigns and IPL season

April 15, 2024 | The Hindu Businessline |

Pineapple farmers in India are benefiting from soaring prices and increased demand as election fervor grips the nation. Prices have reached an all-time high of ₹60 per kg, driven by demand in Telangana, Maharashtra, and western regions amidst election campaigns and the IPL season. Pineapple's popularity for its hydration properties contributes to its demand during summer. However, production has declined by over 50% due to rising temperatures, affecting the ability to meet increasing demand. Despite festivals like Easter, Ramadan, and Vishu driving sales, the absence of summer rains and water shortages hinder farming for the next season. Contract farming initiatives have been affected, with planting material costs rising to ₹13 per sucker. Vazhakulam remains a major market for the GI-tagged fruit, supplying South and North Indian states.

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