‘Now we’ve learned a better approach’: how dragon fruit farmers in Binh Thuan are embracing sustainability in the race to reach global markets

January 28, 2024 | UNDP Viet Nam |

In Binh Thuan province, dragon fruit farmers like Nguyen Van Thanh are embracing modernization to overcome economic challenges. Devastated by factors like the COVID-19 pandemic and increased competition, the dragon fruit industry faced plummeting prices and stringent export requirements. Recognizing the need for sustainability and quality, Binh Thuan partnered with UNDP Viet Nam to elevate farming standards. Thanh's farm, certified under VietG.A.P., underwent training to meet GLOBALG.A.P. criteria, focusing on waste management, resource efficiency, and sustainability. Despite initial challenges, Thanh's perseverance led to certification, enabling him to export to Europe and Australia. Through efficient practices and dedication, he aims to inspire his community to adopt greener approaches, emphasizing the importance of modernization for long-term success in the evolving agricultural landscape.

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