New avocado market players, industry sustainability and the rise of Peru

April 21, 2024 | Fresh Fruit Portal |

The international avocado market sees dynamic shifts with new players entering and established ones like Peru and Mexico maintaining their dominance. Mexico leads in production, while Colombia emerges as the second-largest producer, followed by Peru and Chile. Despite concerns over deforestation linked to Mexican avocado production, the sector continues to grow, with the US urging action. South Africa secures a deal to export Hass avocados to China, aiming to address trade imbalances. However, challenges persist, as Mexican suppliers face labor investigation repercussions. Brazil's avocado industry flourishes, with exports surging, especially to European markets. Peru rebounds from adverse weather, witnessing a significant increase in exports in early 2024. These developments reflect the evolving landscape of the global avocado trade, driven by changing consumer demands and geopolitical factors.

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