New era for Malaysia-China collaboration in durian trade

April 23, 2024 | The Star |

Durian Boat Global, a major player in the durian trade, launched its innovative durian trade platform in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, with the ceremonial signing of cooperation agreements with 33 Malaysian-Chinese business partners. Federal Government ministers, Shenzhen officials, and business leaders attended, highlighting the platform's mission to facilitate direct durian trade between Malaysia and China. Speakers emphasized leveraging technology for high-quality durian delivery and unveiled plans for a mobile app and 5G eco-business integration. Backed by the Bank of China, Durian Boat aims to export 240,000 tonnes of durians, with contracts for over 28,000ha of plantation land and partnerships for warehousing and logistics. The initiative includes establishing "Durian Cities" in Malaysia and experience centers in China to promote Malaysian culture and attract tourists. A forum discussed tourism, trade, and cross-border activities to strengthen Malaysia-China relations. Jerry Lye, CEO of Durian Boat Global, expressed excitement for the collaboration, signaling a new era in the durian industry.

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