Chicken salad craze drives up unripe mangosteen prices by 30%

April 11, 2024 | VnExpress |

The price of unripe mangosteen has surged to VND800,000 per kilogram, surprising consumers like Oanh in HCMC. Despite the high cost, there's a strong demand for unripe mangosteens, especially for use in dishes like mangosteen chicken salad. Traders struggle to meet orders due to limited supply. Ripe mangosteens are comparatively cheaper at VND70,000-85,000 per kilogram. Orders for unripe mangosteens have doubled from last year, but farmers are cautious about harvesting large quantities early, fearing it could impact future crops. Mangosteen, known as the "queen" of fruits, is primarily grown in the Mekong Delta region, with nearly 50,000 tons harvested annually across over 10,000 hectares of orchards. Despite the challenges, farmers reap profits of VND300-500 million per hectare, making it the second most lucrative fruit after durian, as reported by provincial agricultural departments.

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