Litchi, mango pods withering for persistent drought

April 19, 2024 | The Financial Express |

Severe drought and intense heat in Pabna's Ishwardi upazila are causing litchi and mango pods to fall off trees, jeopardizing the expected yield. Despite record bud production, prolonged dry heat has led to pod rot, hindering litchi and mango cultivation. Farmers are grappling with falling pods despite efforts to water and apply pesticides. This widespread issue is affecting renowned litchi-producing villages, with farmers facing substantial losses. Efforts by agricultural authorities include advising farmers and providing pesticides. However, the severe drought has compromised production targets, leading to concerns about meeting yield expectations. The scorching temperatures, reaching 40.6 degrees Celsius, exacerbate the situation, with no rainfall predicted. The adverse weather conditions are threatening the livelihoods of farmers and the region's fruit production.

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