Increasing mango production efficiency under the fast-changing climate

May 10, 2024 | Abiotic Stress in Crop Plants |

A study conducted by Nanjing Agricultural University, China, and Crops Research Institute, Ghana, investigates the impact of climate change on mango (Mangifera indica) growth, yield, and quality. Mango is a key economic and nutritional fruit crop in tropical and subtropical regions, with high demand in both domestic and international markets due to its taste and health benefits. The study emphasizes the need to reengineer tools for improving mango production in response to various environmental stresses exacerbated by climate change.

The research aims to demonstrate the effects of climate variability on mango growth and yield parameters and explores the interventions deployed to mitigate these effects. It highlights the progress made in overcoming biotic stresses that hinder mango production and discusses the approaches used to enhance the nutritional and quality traits of mangoes. The study provides insights into the improvement objectives and strategies employed to boost mango production and quality, and it offers directions for future research on mango cultivation in the context of changing climate conditions.

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