Thai farmers’ perceptions on climate change: Evidence on durian farms in Surat Thani province

April 22, 2024 | Climate Services |

A study conducted by Kasetsart University, Thailand, and the University of California, USA, addresses the impact of climate change on durian farmers in Southern Thailand. With rising temperatures, unpredictable rainfall patterns, and an increase in extreme weather events threatening agricultural productivity and food security, smallholder farmers cultivating durian are particularly vulnerable due to their limited access to resources and support.

The study aimed to assess the perception of climate change and the adaptive capacity among durian farmers in Surat Thani province. A survey of 80 durian farmers was conducted, and the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and a binary logistic regression model. The findings revealed that 91.2% of respondents acknowledged the impact of climate change, with 53.1% implementing adaptation strategies. Factors such as lower education levels, limited farming experience, small farm sizes, and greater reliance on family labor significantly influenced the adoption of these strategies.

The study also found that farmers achieving higher yields tended to adopt information and communication technologies (ICT), while smart farming technology (SFT) was more common among younger farmers and those with larger farms. These findings highlight a gap between awareness and action among durian farmers, underscoring the need for targeted interventions and support mechanisms to promote and facilitate the implementation of adaptation measures.

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