The appeal of bananas: A qualitative sensory analysis and consumers’ insights into tropical fruit consumption in Italy

March 25, 2024 | Journal of Agriculture and Food Research |

A study conducted by the University of Turin, Italy, aimed to investigate the quality characteristics of bananas and their alignment with consumer preferences in Italy. The study had two main objectives: to qualitatively and sensorially characterize bananas at three different stages of commercial ripening, and to explore Italian consumers' habits, perceptions, and preferences regarding tropical fruits, particularly focusing on quality, health, and sustainability.

The findings revealed that ripe bananas were favored by the sensory panel and retained high-quality attributes even after five days of storage at room temperature. Additionally, the study highlighted the significant role of sustainability in consumers' decision-making processes and noted that individual factors influenced preferences for banana ripeness.

The research identified various levels of consumer awareness and purchasing styles. The connection between sensory analysis results and declared preferences provided valuable insights for improving banana supply management and assortment to better meet consumer expectations. The study's outcomes can also inform strategies to enhance communication, reduce waste, and promote sustainability within the supply chain for tropical fruits.

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